World of Magic, Zombies Ate My Pizza, HearthStone and more! | The Daily XP March 10th

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Today on the Daily XP:
HearthStone Introduces Golden Skins | [timer]31[/timer]
World of Magic Comes From Failed Harry Potter MMO Idea | [timer]61[/timer]
Reality Squared Games Begins Closed Beta Test for Zombies At My Pizza | [timer]91[/timer]

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Over the weekend, Blizzard released some teaser images for
the upcoming debut of Golden Heroes in HearthStone, Heroes of Warcraft.  Golden skins is not a new idea, but one that
players seem to love, as you’ll find them in plenty of games these days.  In HearthStone players will need to
accumulate 500 wins in Ranked Play if they hope to unlock these permanent gold
skins, which is no easy feat.  The golden
heroes will gain unique animations to their portrait and Hero Power, but also
have the ability to scare the bejesus out of a lesser experienced
opponent.  It’s like the Knicks showing
up to gameday with LeBron James wearing his black mask, sure scared them

We mentioned a Harry Potter Online type MMO game last week
and now we can retract any statements we made. 
Well, mostly.  Things have changed
pretty quickly, as Bio Hazard Entertainment and Warner Bros. Entertainment have
seemingly nixed the Harry Potter project. 
The video with developers has been deleted from YouTube and the website
has disappeared.  But, Bio Hazard does
still plan on making a game, it just won’t be Harry Potter related, no, it will
just be wizard related and has taken the name, World of Magic.  So take that Warner Bros. You don’t have
control over wizards, if anything, wizards have control over you!

Reality Squared Games today announced the beginning of the
closed beta testing event for the upcoming action shooter browser MMO Zombies
Ate My Pizza.  Imagine for a moment, that
the world is overrun by a race of extraterrestrial bugs that have infected the
population with a deadly virus that turns them into, yeah you guessed it,
zombies.  The zombies of course, are obsessed
with Pizza, as is accurate with Zombie lore, and your job is to drive back the
onslaught, and save your local pizza joint. 
Well, that’s not totally accurate, but come on, it’s a humorous take on
zombies and pizza, so we take what we can get.

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