Heavensward Early Access Begins For Pre-Order Players

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn developers Square Enix today announced the beginning of pre-order access for those that have already committed to the purchase of the highly anticipated Heavensward expansion. The official release date for the first large-scale expansion to the revived Final Fantasy XIV project is June 23rd but one incentive for pre-ordering the expansion was the opportunity to explore its myriad of new features prior to this date, giving access to players for an additional 4 day period.

The official Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn website has been updated with a long list of requirements that players must meet before they’re able to get started in the Heavensward head start program. Additional details on the specific requirements can be found here. The head start event began today, Friday June 19th, at 2AM PDT.

The final requirement, should you have the correct platform and pre-order package, will be to ensure you have already completed the main story quest line that culminates in the “Before the Dawn” quest that arrived with patch 2.55.

Source: Official Website

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