Neverwinter Developers Provide Insight To “Biggest Map We’ve Ever Made”

Perfect World Entertainment took to the official Neverwinter Online site recently to publish a new post detailing the extraordinary lengths the team took to create the new stronghold map, the biggest map they’ve ever made. The new developer diary post provides players with interesting insight into the design philosophy and implementation of the new map, created to offer players a true feeling of rewarding exploration and to cater to both PvE and PvP experiences in the new zone.

The post goes on to explain the challenges of creating such a map. A map that had to be big enough to sustain large numbers of players and offer enough room for guilds to create and defend structures in many different environments. This results in very distinct areas that offer variety in gameplay, whether you’re besieging an enemy stronghold or tackling some tough enemies for some PvE excitement.

For more information on the new stronghold map check out the official post below:

Source: Official Website

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