Hercules & Xbalanque Return To SMITE In Style

Hi-Rez Studios have been busy over the weekend following two exciting announcements for the next patch schadukled to hit the award-winning, free-to-play MMO MOBA game, SMITE. The first of the two announcements will see one of the most popular God’s in the game return to the SMITE battlefield in true style as Hercules becomes the latest veteran God to be given the once over by the incredibly talented SMITE modeling team.

Sticking with current tradition Hi-Rez Studios released a Hercules God Reveal video, including all of the information relating to character lore, attacking potential and defensive abilities. You can watch it below:


As if that wasn’t enough Hi-Rez Studios will also release a brand new 600 Gem skin. The update will introduce a brand new Xbalanque fútbol  skin and a unique skin for Ward’s. Players that purchase either of the new Xbalanque skins, as we celebrate the World Cup, will be given the alternative new outfit for Xbalanque along with the War skin. For more information check out the video below or the gallery tab above.


Source: Press Release

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