The Stomping Land Walkthrough – How To Earn Expertise Fast

Taming and riding dinosaurs is one of the most exciting activities available in The Stomping Land but there’s one requirement that often gets in the way. This Stomping Land Walkthrough – How To Earn Expertise Fast guide will teach you everything you need to know about earning Expertise easily and quickly, allowing you to tame that Carnotaurus as quickly as possible.

Learning the mechanics surrounding the Expertise system and identifying the best methods of earning it quickly are two very important elements in The Stomping Land. You lose all Expertise upon death so even as a very cautious or skilled player, earning Expertise is something you’re going to be doing a lot of the time. Currently the Carnotaurus is the most powerful dinosaur you’re able to tame, requiring 200 Expertise points. If you want to be able to mount this deadly beast as quickly as possible on a new server, use the tips and tricks below.

Passive Expertise Gains

Passive Expertise is the easiest way to increase your Expertise level in The Stomping Lands, but sadly it’s not very fast. Currently players gain 1 Expertise every 30 seconds. That means be passive Expertise alone you would be able to tame your first attacking dinosaur in 25 minutes. However, it would take 1 hr 40 minutes in order to gain the Expertise points required for the highest level dinosaur.

Player VS Player Expertise

Expertise earned from player vs. player combat has the most potential as the amount earned depends on the Expertise level of the opposing player. If you defeat another player in combat you will earn 20% of their total Expertise gathered during that life. However, you’re only awarded the Expertise if the opponent succumbs and actually dies. If your opponent is revived by an ally or another player, the Expertise points are not rewarded.

Shrines Expertise Gains

There are special Shrines scattered throughout the island, offering a quick boost to Expertise once discovered. I have not been able to verify this information but according to some sources players can discover these Shrines inside certain caves, they are easily noticed due to the glowing tribal marks in the area. Players that discover a Shrine are rewarded with 20 bonus Expertise instantly.

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