Heroes and Generals

Heroes and Generals is a free to play MMO First Person Shooter with a strategic multiplayer campaign that takes place during World War II. In the game players choose between fighting as the Heroes, which pits you into the trenches and the battlefields, or as a General which has you managing the battlefield and the units from afar.

The game can be accessed continuously using a cross-platform approach. Windows, iOS and Android devices support the game, which results in continuous action across the battlefield. Each conflict takes place through contested cities, factories and airfields on a strategic map.

The main component of the game is the First Person Shooter element, where players are put straight into the battlefield where you can use a variety of character, weapons and vehicles to take out the enemy. When you’re unable to use your PC for the FPS element, you can download the app, Heroes and Generals: Mobile Command, and use the strategic element to command players or entire groups into combat, while managing resources and securing key locations on the map.

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