Awakening of Heroes

Awakening of Heroes (AoH) is a fantasy MOBA currently under development by Serbian video game developer COFA games. The game begs the question, “what if ordinary people were heroic?” and throws you into a world where the mundane becomes extraordinary. Very quickly will you realize that you’re not there to save the world, you’re there to save your place in it.

Awakening of Heroes will be very similar in style to League of Legends and DOTA. It will feature two bases (on the lower left and top right corner) equipped with healing wells, barracks, inhibitors, and towers, connected by lanes and surrounded by a jungle. As of right now, there are 4 characters available in alpha testing: an old lady, a schoolboy, a butcher, and a chick with a whip.

AoH will allow players to invite their friends to join the fun through the use of their social media button. A really special feature found in the game is its compatibility with the Oculus Rift. This allows spectators to observe matches in real-time, vertically scaled, 3D.

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