Hounds: The Last Hope Greenlit In Time For Open Beta

Netmarble today launched the Open Beta for its first ever global release MMO as Hounds: The Last Hope makes its debut. The fast-paced free-to-play MMOFPS game was introduced to the Steam community last week and wasted no time making a huge impact as over 4,000 voters made the campaign a success, with Hounds: The Last Hope successfully reaching Greenlit status on Steam.

To celebrate the launch of the Open Beta client the developers released an action-packed CGI trailer today, showcasing some of the games most exciting elements and devastating weaponry.

Hounds: The Last Hope Cinematics Trailer

Hounds: The Last Hope hopes to attract the FPS community with an exciting mix up of features and mechanics including compelling PvE and PvP modes, 4 unique classes that can be customized and tailored to suit individual play styles, and endless hordes of zombie enemies just begging for a bullet to the cranium.

[quote cite=”Ozan Aydemir, Global Marketing Director, Netmarble EMEA”]“After observing a successful Closed Beta and having received informative feedback, we look forward to our Open Beta,” “The Open Beta will help us to make continuous improvements and tailor the game to what the community would like to see, whilst still allowing players to experience the game until officially launched, later this year.”

“We’re also delighted with Hounds: The Last Hope being Greenlit on Steam in such a short period of time. We’ve seen the Steam and Hounds community vote in great numbers with the majority of people voting ‘Yes’ for our game. Having seen other games being voted by much less, this shows how popular Hounds has been globally as well as Europe with 65 different countries viewing our Steam page.” [/quote]

Source: Press Release

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