House of the Dead 4 coming April 17th

House of the Dead 4 is finally coming to the PlayStation Network. Sega revealed that the game will be released on April 17th on the PSN for gamers in the US and on April 18th for all European users. House of the Dead 4 will only be available for the PSN and not the XBLA.

The game is rebooted with new trophies, rankings, a new grading system, and a multiplayer mode. If all of this hasn’t already had you sold, the game will also be compatible with the PlayStation Move. If you’re a fan of the series, the simple cost of $9.99 will be a small price to pay for this classic title.

The House of the Dead series is a arcade light gun shooter and has never yet been available for and console. The game is set between the second and the third game and features Kate Green and James Taylor. If you haven’t played any of the House of the Dead titles you will have to give this one a try. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for House of the Dead 4 out on the PSN.

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