PlayStation 4 Prepares To Welcome Phantasy Star Online 2 In The East

Phantasy Star Online 2

SEGA today announced a surprise step in the evolution of the Phantasy Star franchise with the upcoming release of Phantasy Star Online 2 for PlayStation 4. The MMO has already met positive reception on the PC in the East but despite launching on the PlayStation 4 sometime next year, it’s still unlikely that we’ll see … Read more

Total War Franchise Makes Free-To-Play Debut With Total War Battles: Kingdom

Total War Battles Kingdom 1280x720

Creative Assembly and SEGA recently announced the Open Beta release for the first ever free-to-play iteration of the Total War franchise with the Steam release of Total War Battles: Kingdom. Making its debut on Steam as a free-to-play, persistent-world MMORTS game, Total War Battles: Kingdom offers the familiar depth and immersion of the Total War … Read more

GodsRule – Free Orb Giveaway (worth $20)

[keys id=129156]MMO ATK and SEGA have teamed up to give our users a free orb that grants players free gold in their newest 2D cross-platform MMORTS GodsRule. Players who register with the key code will receive $20 in Orbs and a exclusive title.

Godsrule mixes social gameplay with established RTS elements to create a unique cross-platform experience.

[heading]How to Redeem Orb[/heading]1. Sign up or Log in to your MMO ATK account
2. Click on the Redeem button below
3. Head over to the GodsRule website
4. Sign up for your account and enter the code when asked

[heading]GodsRule Gameplay[/heading]

Godsrule Gameplay | First Impressions HD

Godsrule Gameplay – First Impressions HD

MMO ATK brings you a first impressions video of Godsrule: a browser game in Open Beta, developed by Gogogic and published by Sega. The MMO mixes social gameplay elements with already established RTS elements to create a unique cross platform experience.
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[/review]In Godsrule, players are in charge of leading their fierce armies into battle, as well as managing their empire. To prevail over competitors, players must dominate contested territories, collect scarce resources, expand their land, and slay their enemies with powerful units and magnificent spells. After choosing between two rival factions, players create their own clans and battle for contested territories, each holding valuable rewards and the true taste of sweet victory.

Godsrule allows players to experience the same persistent world via browser and the iPad. This allows them to team up with their friends in battle, train units and manage their empire from anywhere at any time.

MMO Attack Gaming Recap, 3/30/2012

THQ downsizing, SEGA losing money, and Mojang developing Minecraft modding API

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