How Realistic Do You Want Your Weather – MMOpinion

Weather has been a part of MMOs for a few years now, and typically most of us pay little to no attention to it.  Modern games that already portray weather may feature moving clouds, thunder, and occasional rainstorms, but these events have no direct effect on gameplay, your avatar moves about as easily as though it were bright and sunny.  But times may be-a-changing.  Recently Snail Games announced that Age of Wushu would be implementing a more dynamic weather system into their popular MMO game.  It may not be ground-breakingly complex like characters vision blurring in the rain, or having to deal with the wind pushing you around, but it’s definitely a start, and as the technology we use in games continues to advance, we may soon see some very realistic weather related events in games.

My question for you today is how realistic do you want the weather in games?  Does it even matter to you?  Would you much rather developers worry about the content or the story?

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