Ikariam is a browser based strategy MMO where you build an ancient civilization in the Mediterranean during the time of the ancient Greeks. The game is all about building up your small city and turning it in to a mighty empire.

At the start of Ikariam you own a small fertile piece of land on the coast. Your goal, turning your small flourishing town into the capital of a mighty island empire beings here. There are five resources that you will need from around the islands to help you grow: Building Material, Wine, Marble, Crystal Glass and Sulphur. You will need a lot of building material, and sending workers to receive it should be your first priority.

Once you have a good amount of resources you can expand your town and build up your troops. Building an Academy is key for you to discover new technologies, while the barracks and trading ports will allow you to build your army and trade resources with other players. The game gives you four loyal advisors that will aid you in your journey.

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