InnoGames debuts Kartuga

InnoGames has released some new information on Kartuga.  The game will be a 3D browser-based MMO, using Unity 3D, and promising to offer ?cooperative PvP gameplay with several role-playing elements.? The game is developed by Ticking Bomb Games and is set to launch later this year.

The game will feature three customizable classes of ships (Destroyer, Protector, and Engineer) in a world with three distinct regions and populated with factions. The game will offer PvE quests and missions, a unique battle system, and team-based PvP.

InnoGames also publishes Forge of Empires and Tribal Wars.  Below you can find the full press release

Hamburg, June 5, 2012. Today, InnoGames presents a first look at its upcoming 3D browser title, Kartuga, at E3 in Los Angeles. The action-packed MMOG is based on Unity 3D and focuses strongly on cooperative PvP gameplay with several role-playing elements. Hamburg-based Ticking Bomb Games is responsible for the development of the title, which is set to launch in 2012. gives players a peek into its stylized fantasy world with screenshots and a feature list.

InnoGames co-founder Eike Klindworth is convinced of the game?s potential and is looking forward to the success of the company?s first joint venture with Ticking Bomb Games: ?We are bringing out a high quality product with Kartuga. The game offers multiple PvP modes, intuitive controls, plus detailed and vibrant 3D graphics. This action MMORPG is an extremely useful addition to InnoGames? portfolio.?

The developer also has high expectations for the title: ? We have been working hard on this project for some years now, and the results are fantastic. The player completely loses the feeling of playing in a browser with Kartuga ? it really stands up to client games, ? says Ticking Bomb Games Development Director Tobias Severin.

Kartuga players choose one of three customizable classes of ships to sail through a series of quests and missions. The ingenious battle system, along with a strong focus on cooperative PvP, guarantees long lasting fun.

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