Isis Revealed As Latest SMITE God

As seen on Todays Daily XP Video!

Yesterday I speculated that the next SMITE God would be revealed in a Hi-Rez stream and user Cthulu guessed correctly as Isis was shown to the community for the first time. Many players were hoping for a more dedicated role but as is common among the SMITE community, players don’t seem to understand the unique approach the game takes to the MOBA genre. Unlike other MOBA games the SMITE God’s are not restricted to a single purpose or role, most God’s can pump out some respectable damage and there’s a huge variety of builds for every character in the game.

Isis is slated to be support-like character with excellent crowd-control abilities accompanied by some decent damage and healing options. As with all the God’s in SMITE she’s given a passive, 3 main abilities and an ultimate skill, so let’s take a look!

Her passive, Funeral Rites, is one of the more unique ones featured in SMITE. Every time Isis witnesses the death of an enemy God she gains 1 stack in her passive skill, up to a maximum of 10. Each stack increases her HP5 and MP5 regen capabilities which expands to nearby God’s via an aura. Each stack also increases the swing time of her default attacking skill. Stacks are lost upon death but any Isis player that is able to stack 10 of her passive skill is going to be a serious threat on the battlefield so prepare to get targeted, a lot.

The first ability, Wing Buffet, allows Isis to utilize a damaging skill that can also aid with escaping. Wing Buffet fires 4 gusts of wind in a line, each dealing magical damage to every enemy it hits. Whilst Isis is using Wing Buffet she is also immune to the backpedal movement penalty, making it an ideal ability to escape while harassing enemy God’s.

Next up is Spirit Ball. This is another long-line ability for Isis but this one increases damage depending on distance traveled. The Spirit Ball can be detonated at any time and will stun all nearby God’s for 1 second, with the duration increasing depending on the distance traveled.

Isis’ next ability, Dispel Magic, is going to play havoc on the battlefield. This unique ability allows Isis to silence all enemies in the area and also steal magical protections before providing those protections to any allied God’s benefiting from her passive, Funeral Rites.

And finally, arguably one of the most devastating ultimate abilities on the battlefield, Circle of Protection. Isis plants her staff into the ground at her target location reducing damage taken by 30% for all nearby allies. Every single point of damage mitigated by this ability charges up the staff before allowing Isis to detonate it and cause extreme amounts of damage to nearby enemy God’s. This kind of ability is going to be a perfect counter to the likes of Hades and Poseidon.

Isis is expected to release tomorrow and please note, the numbers and descriptions of the ability featured in the stream are subject to change.

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