Jagged Alliance Online Now Available On Steam

Are you tired of slaughtering endless waves of pixies and fairies? Then maybe it’s time for a change. Today marks the addition of the highly anticipated Jagged Alliance Online to Valve’s digital distribution service, Steam. The turn-based strategy title, that has a heavy focus on modern combat and weaponry, features both PvP and single player campaign content, without costing a dime.

“Obviously, the best opponent is another human, so to us PvP is the ultimate tactical challenge and a great addition to the traditional Jagged Alliance gameplay,” And, we offer that to everyone outright, for free!” said Cliffhanger Productions Founder and Creative Director, Jan Wagner. “But, we also know that many fans of Jagged Alliance and turn-based strategy prefer the solo experience, so the Campaign Pack is there to provide a full-featured game with over 100 hours of gameplay content at an excellent price ? the same way the old turn-based games offered real game value for your money.”

Forget premium currencies. Forget purchasing pointless cosmetic items and trash your ideas of pay-to-win. The developers are reinventing the notion of free-to-play, offering the entire game for just that, free. 500+ items, 40+ mercenaries and both modes, all available in an instant download now on Steam.

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