Soldier Front 2 Weapon Progression Detailed

Aeria Games have just released some details on a unique challenge system that will allow players to unlock a more powerful arsenal in their upcoming MMOFPS game, Soldier Front 2. Closed beta is rapidly approaching and the details for the unique weapon upgrade progression system continues to build the unstoppable hype train.

It all starts with the introduction of the Challenge system. Players can view a long list of achievements that they can work towards during combat. These Challenges vary greatly from simply racking up play time to scoring a devastating number of headshots. There’s an in-game tracker available between matches so players can keep an keen eye on their progress.

As well as offering the ability to brag to friends and enemies, Challenges are a vital aspect of improving your arsenal. Every Challenge complete unlocks a modified version of a specific gun, which can then be purchased using currency earned in-game.

So to sum up. It offers a similar experience based progression system that we see in regular MMO titles but this time it places more emphasis on individual skill and ability. Are you a crack shot? You’ll get better guns far quicker than your lesser-skilled friends.

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