Kill3rCombo Moves Onto Phase II of "Elsword Awakening" Campaign

This week, Kill3rCombo has launched the second part of a three-phase gameplay revamp for the free-to-play Manga inspired action MMORPG, Elsword.

In Phase One of ?Elsword Awakened?, the first update to the game, there was a skill rebalance and enhanced PvP update. Following onto Phase Two, it focuses on teamwork by adding a brand new set of secret dungeons and upgrading the gameplay of the other secret dungeons within the game.

?The secret dungeons have long been the ultimate test for players, as they represent fiendishly challenging levels that can only be beaten through teamwork and strategy. The newest secret dungeon, ?Velder?s Hallucination,? thrusts players into a nightmarish world filled with titanic bosses that tower over the landscape. Players will also have access to new gameplay tricks to turn back the tide of evil, such as the invulnerability cauldron.?

In the game, the secret dungeons are always a source of supplying some of the most powerful items in the game. With the rebalance update, crafting materials needed to make most weapons will pop up three times more than it had in the past. Level 60 items will also be another thing added to the update. Enemy intelligence has been redone as well to make team work a lot more crucial when running around in the dungeons.

The Phase Two also coincidences with some community events going on built around ?Talk like a Pirate Day?. Beginning today, players will have access to a pirate costume and will be able to participate in a number of pirate-related events. This will be going on for the next two weeks.

The ?Elsword Awakened? campaign will finish in a final phase at the end of September.

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