Soul of Guardian Launches A ?Spectacular Event?

One of the most popular RPG?s of 2012, Soul of Guardian, launches a ?spectacular event?. Going through until September 18th, 2012, the players who make all eight Relic Potentials, reach ten or above, and then post the screenshot on Soul of Guardians? forum, will get Lollipop 10x. What do Lollipops do? Well, they have the potential to increase your pets? happiness (as lollipops should do). The players keep pets in the game, and a priority is to keep pets happy, right?

Visit SOG forum for details.

Soul of Guardian?is a free browser-based Action Role-playing game that was released on March 16th, 2012. It is set in a hybrid, fantasy world and has four classes to be able to choose from: Blade Warrior, Dagger Assassin, Hammer Judge, and Spear Guard.

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