Kingdom Under Fire II EU & NA Beta Dated

According to a new entry on the Kingdom Under Fire II team have announced an upcoming closed beta event for the English client. Gamers in the East have had ample opportunity to test the action-driven strategy fueling Kingdom Under Fire II but Western fans have been left drooling at the mouth as they await their chance to explore the highly anticipated free-to-play MMO.

Well that wait is almost over. Earlier today Leadhope announced that the next closed beta event for Kingdom Under Fire II would indeed allow North American and European players to enter the battlefield. The event is scheduled to begin this Friday, April 25th, and run on a schedule until closing on April 27th.

  • April 24th – Small stress test. Servers will open for a few hours allowing players to create their characters.
  • April 25th – Server opens at 9AM and will remain open until 9PM (timezone was not included in the source post)
  • April 27th – Closed beta ends at 23:59PM (timezone was not included in the source post)
The developers also announced that they will have “TONS” of events throughout the weekend. To sign up for the beta event visit the official website.

Source: MMORPG

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