Kings Road

Become the
hero of KingsRoad! Embark on an epic RPG adventure as you battle your way
through monstrous enemies and collect legendary loot. Pick up your sword now
and save the kingdom!

kingdom lies in ruins, its armies defeated. Townsfolk cower in fear as evil
creatures known as the Shroud invade this once peaceful land. The people
desperately need a hero: Will that hero be you?


ACTION COMBAT: Annihilate your enemies as a knight, wizard, or archer. Learn
new skills and defeat towering bosses!

LOOT: Collect loot and customize your hero the way you want to play — with
thousands of options!

REAL-TIME MULTIPLAYER: Team up with your friends and defeat the forces of
darkness together!

CONTENT: Never run out of enemies to slay with hundreds of maps and
difficulties available. Compete against players from around the world on new
event maps added weekly!

CROSS-PLATFORM: Battle with friends in real time across PC and mobile!
Seamlessly connect your game across all your devices. 

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