Knight Age, Launches Ambitious Open Beta Today

Joymax, leading online game developer and publisher widely known for breakout titles like Digimon Masters and Silkroad Online, stampedes into the open beta of their highly anticipated free-to-play MMORPG, Knight Age, today. The characters that players create and play during open beta will move directly into commercial launch. This is also the last chance to enter one of the most sought out Open Beta contests, which includes a decked out brand new laptop as a prize. Join now to enter the event and experience the newly open beta test at Knight Age?s Official Website.

?Players said one thing consistently throughout closed beta: ?Knight Age is great, and we want more!? and that was great to hear!? said Nam-Chul Kim, CEO of Joymax. ?We?re happy to give players exactly what they want with more mounts, more pets, more dungeons, and more PVP!?

With mounted combat being the focus of Knight Age, it?s no surprise that the number of mounts has been doubled between closed beta and open beta. Mounts can be everything from hooves to paws to claws, and even a quacky surprise: players can now discover a hidden avian mount and ride into combat on a duck! Mounts level up independently of their masters and can bestow additional boosts to their riders.

Knight Age?s Pupa system has also seen improvements. Pupae (plural form of Pupa) are pets that all characters train up to become their partners in combat. Pupae can be fed with equipment to speed their leveling; fusing together two Pupae creates a new pet that will take the strength of both parents. Eggs for these amazing creatures can be found in the field, or purchased on the cash shop, but the best Pupa will be rare boss drops. The number of Pupae has doubled between closed and open beta, meaning there will be more to collect!

The most anticipated feature launching in open beta is the PVP War system. This colossal PVP mode can support up to 1 vs. 100 and will determine who will be the sole owner and wielder of Excalibur! Open beta also brings the launch of the gulid system known as Legions. Legions will be able to take the field against other guilds for the Order of Knights, which pits 50 vs. 50 in mounted combat. To arms, Knights, and prepare for battles both large and small!

This is the best time to join the game with 17 different events in store. There will be prizes and events for everything; from simply registering in the game to battling for the legendary Excalibur! The Open Beta Test will even feature grand off-line prizes including a brand new laptop and iTunes gift cards! Register now through the Knight Age website at

Players looking for all the juiciest tidbits, such as daily game information, character tips, and plenty of screen shots can check out Knight Age?s Facebook at, or Twitter at @OfficialKnightAge.

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