Knight Age – Mega Expansion Being Launched November 20th

Joymax, leading online game developer and publisher, announced today it will be launching its mega expansion for the free-to-play MMORPG, Knight Age which begins on November 20th. There will be an increased level cap and it will become a little more difficult along with a few more exciting things.

The expansion will be raising the level cap from 35 to 42 and it will also be introducing a new mount and two new Pupae (combat companion). The mount will be a fierce White Tiger and gives additional experience to its rider. The Pupae will be a White Dragon and a nun-chuck wielding Radibuck. 

The expansion will also open up an entirely new map for players seeking a tougher challenge. 

The new map, Grey Shores of Oblivion, will transport players to the beautiful yet dangerous mountainous regions, the perpetually burning forest, and rock barren lands where enemies set camp. Players can also tackle a new set of quests and explore a brand new, ultra challenging, dungeon. Terrifying giants with a burning vengeance against humans swarm within, and those brave enough to reach the end will be rewarded with high-end weapons and unique equipment.”

Next Tuesday will be the launch of the expansion and also “Joymax Day”. The event is shared across all of the games that Joymax has dealt with and players get the opportunity to vote on their game’s mascot and will present every player who does with 1000% EXP Gain Item in return. 


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