Perfect World International – Sirens of War is Now Live

Today, Perfect World Entertainment Inc. has announced that the sixth expansion for Perfect World International, the fantasy action MMORPG, is now live. The sixth expansion will be including enhancements to skills, there will be new quests, weapons, equipment and a lot more. 

Sirens of War brings exciting changes for veterans and beginners alike, and it really has never been a better time for players to dive in,” said Tony Liu, Product Manager for the internationally praised free-to-play MMORPG title. “For the first time in PWI, Nation Wars brings an incredible server-wide battle system that allows thousands of players to simultaneously fight with and against each other. This will be one of the most incredible grand scale battle systems imaginable.”

There is a PvP event called Nation Wars that will allow higher level players to fight in this. The players will be assigned to one of the four nations: Frost, Flame, Light or Darkness.

Here is how it will work:
The crafty Overseer demon will randomly assign players to create armies for each nation as they are sent to their nation’s respective headquarters. Once the war begins, the true nature of the strategic battlefield will be revealed on a new map with dozens of regions ready for each nation to fight over.  Military coins will be awarded based on each nation’s success, as well as according to individual actions within each regional battle.”

All players will receive a Warrior Crusade in-game item prize pack that will include a fashion set, new pet and other things as well. They will have up until December 12th in order to claim the prize and be entered to win one of five customized Andrea SB-805B Superbeam headsets. 

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