Smite – New Drunken God!

Hi-Rez Studios has just announced a brand new god joining the godly ranks of SMITE.  What’s interesting about this god is that he’s not so holier than though type, he’s like you and I, a drunk!  I present to you, Bacchus, the god of wine, rude behaviour and madness!

Bacchus is a magical melee tank with a passive known as the ?Drunk-o-meter? which allows him to gain power and receive less magical damage. His first ability; Chug, allows him to gradually fill his Drunk-o-meter, whilst giving him a physical buff. His other regular skills such as Belly Flop and Belch of the Gods, cause damage but can cause additional effects if he is tipsy too!

His ‘ultimate’ is known as Intoxicate, which as the name suggests, intoxicates all nearby enemies and causes a slow effect. He can also gain physical power because of his irritation due to the loss of his precious wine!

Smite God Reveal | Bacchus The God of Wine

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