Knight Age – New Pupa Incoming

Joymax have been relentless over the last couple of months. Not only are they in the process of giving their flagship MMO, Silkroad Online, a complete overhaul but they’ve also been providing regular patch, updates and even an expansion for Knight Age. In an announcement made earlier today Joymax included information regarding the contents of the upcoming patch featuring the highly anticipated, world-famous Mashimaro.

Players will be able to recruit the new Pupa on December 18th, offering a slightly chubby yet very cute pet to aid with exploration. Mashimaro was the result of a flash animation in Korea before exploding in popularity, spreading its fame across the country within months of release. Since then the adorable characters charm has infected the rest of the globe,prompting Joymax to introduce it into Knight Age as a Pupa pet.

If you’re interested in grabbing Mashimaro before the end of the holiday period, you’ll need to head on over to the official Knight Age Facebook page and “share” an upcoming video that will be posted on December 18th.

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