SOE – New Player Created Content Added To Top MMO’s

Sony Online Entertainment have just posted a statement regarding the immediate release of the highly anticipated Player Studio. The scene has been quiet since the announcement of Player Studio earlier this year but it has launched with a bang supporting new player-created content for some of SOE’s top MMORPG games. EverQuest, EverQuest II and Free Realms players will now be able to purchase an exciting array of new player items via the premium currency marketplaces.

During the Player Studio announcement Sony also included details on the official launch date for the eagerly awaited, Wizardry Online. Offering a variety of intense features aimed at hardcore players, Wizardry Online is ready to set SOE fans ablaze once it launches on January 16th, 2013. To celebrate the exciting new announcements SOE will be hosting a developer webcast later today at 4PM PST. The webcast will cover some of the more exciting features of Wizardry Online as well as discussing the launch date announcement. To join in on the webcast visit the <a href=”>TwitchTV channel

Even if SOE MMO’s aren’t your type of game, this is a momentous moment for the future of MMO games. PC games have long supported player-created content but it has very rarely been featured in the MMO space. Sony Online Entertainment have set trends in the past, let’s hope this one catches on.

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