Latest Patch Moves H1Z1 In The Right Direction

Following a rather rocky post-launch week for H1Z1 it appears the developers, Sony Online Entertainment, seem to have things on the right track with the most recent changes addressing many of the concerns expressed by the community.

The patched was introduced earlier this week and many of the community and streaming community have praised the development team for solving many of the games biggest problems thus far.

Among the fixes in this weeks patch notes were changes to in-game looting systems, more sorting options on the server selection screen and improvements to the user interface and interactive objects in the world.

  • More loot spawning adjustments
  • More sorting options are available on the server select screen
  • Fixed issue where you were unable to go back to the server list after deleting the only character on a server
  • Loot bags dropped from players and zombies have been increased in size, making them easier to see
  • Battle Royale: Trees, bushes, and plants can now be interacted with in Battle Royale
  • Battle Royale: There is now a “Play Battle Royale” button in server select screen

Source: Official Patch Notes

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