League of Angels In-Game Gift Giveaway

[keys id=129156]MMO ATK and GTArcade have teamed up to offer fans of League of Angels an in-game item giveaway to help players on their journey through their fantasy MMORPG.

[heading]How To Redeem  Your Gift Pack[/heading]1. Log in or Register for your MMO ATK account
2. Log-in to your League of Angels account
3. When in -game click on the ‘Collect Pack’ icon in the top right screen
4. Enter your code and click confirm

[heading]What’s Included in the Gift Pack[/heading]* 10 Garnet Herosouls
* Loralei’s Icon (Required to obtain the Angel, Loralei)
* 100,000 Gold

[heading]League of Angels Gameplay[/heading]

League of Angels Gameplay | First Impressions HD

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