League of Legends – New Twisted Treeline Beta is Live

The brand new version of the 3v3 Twisted Treeline map in Riot Game’s, League of Legends, is now live for players. There isn’t just a sheer, little tweak here or there, they have completely redone one of the entire game’s modes.

There is a new layout and redone art, new map specific items in the store. Here are some other perks:

  • New terrain and new items to help improve the number of viable team comps
  • A condensed jungle with reliable monster camps to focus the action towards the center where junglers can gank both lanes
  • Wider choke points near the inhibitors and a wall separating the shrine turret from the Nexus to prevent late game turtling
  • An epic new spider boss and two neutral altars to encourage combat around team-wide buffs
  • Beginner and intermediate bots specifically designed for the new terrain and mechanics, available in both Custom games and Co-op vs. AI matchmaking.

The map is still in its beta at the moment and is expected to be for a while. The Twisted Treeline’s 3v3 player variant has almost always been a part of League of Legends, but with the revamp, League of Legends players will have gained an entire new way to experience the game.

Check out the map overview here:

League of Legends - Twisted Treeline Map Overview

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