Runescape – Bonus XP Weekend Begins Saturday

Jagex Games has announced the Bonus XP Weekend for this upcoming Saturday for the most popular free-to-play game, RuneScape. The event will begin at 12:00 GMT (8:00am EST) and it will end at 12:00 GMT (8:00am EST) on Monday, October 29th, 2012. 

Runescape players, once the event begins, will receive double the XP to any standard skill and, for the first time ever, all Runescape players on the free-to-play worlds will receive a 1.2 multiplier to XP received from standard skills activities. The multitpliers will also stack with the number of XP boosting items in the game.

Jagex wants players to make the most out of this Bonus XP weekend event. 

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