League of Legends: Top Played Champions April 2014

We’ve had a bit of a slow start to 2014 in regards to variety in our top played League of Legends Champions lists but April has shown the communities diverse ability with arsenal of options on display as we see 5 brand new additions to the 2014 records.

Ashe began her 2014 efforts on a high note, taking the January 4th spot as one of her highest finishes in months. Sadly the success was all too short lived as once again the Frost Archer returned to her sporadic popularity pattern that saw her miss out on so many opportunities last year.

The Sinister Blade arrives a little late to the party today as Katarina takes 4 months to make her mark on the 2014 top played League of Legends Champions list. She’s one of only 5 Champions featured today that managed to complete the month with a positive win/loss ratio but that’s little consolation for a Champion that once dominated every lane.

It’s funny how quickly things can change. This time last year Ezreal was locked in an epic struggle with Taric, each driven to claim the grand prize and each managing to deliver on numerous occasions. However since that time Taric has all but disappeared and it appears Ezreal mite be right behind. The Prodigal Explorer is unlikely to be pleased with a debut in 2014 in 8th.

Jinx may be the new girl on the block but don’t let that fool you, she packs one hell of a punch and the League of Legends community knows it. Jinx was only released at the end of last year but she secured 66% of 1st place finishes following her release and again captured the top spot this January. Previous Champion Lee See didn’t let that last too long but it’s great to see Riot hitting such a soft spot with a new Champion release.

He may wander the wastelands with a blank expression across his shiny metal face but do you ever get the impression that Blitzcrank is smiling on the inside? Well this month he’s got a reason to be cheery as the Steam Golem climbs slowly back towards his highest 4th place finish this year. He didn’t quite get there this month but it’s a good start.

Another of our debut Champions for 2014 enters at a respectable spot as the Grandmaster at Arms makes his first appearance in rank 5. Jax is out to prove a point this year as despite being one of the oldest Champions in the entire league, he’s endured dozens of changes (both big and small) and yet almost 5 years after his initial release, he still has a special place in the heart of the LoL community.

Lee Sin dominated the top played League of Legends Champions throughout 2013 and although Jinx beat him to pole position in January, the Blind Monk enjoyed a return to form with back to back victories the past two months, making him the most successful Champion of 2014 thus far. Sadly however April hasn’t been kind to Lee Sin as he falls to his lowest finish of the year so far.

Nidalee had arguably the most difficult journey of all the League of Legends heroes last year thanks to the constant onslaught of poor tasting jokes from many of the MMOAtk staff. Thankfully she seems to have slipped under the radar in 2014 and is once again able to turn her attention to the defense of the bush….Nidalee’s debut appearance in 2014 and what a place to start, claiming 3rd place.

April has been full of surprises but few more surprising than the appearance of Thresh, the Chain Warden, taking the 2nd slot. Despite failing to make any real impact last year Thresh began his 2014 campaign in mid to low finishes until he shot up the rankings in March and managed to secure 3rd place. April sees the Chain Warden improve slightly on last months performance but the prized top spot still continues to elude the deadly Jungler.

Master Yi was a regular contender throughout 2013 but had a disappointing start to this year, just managing to remain in our top 10 list with two 8th and one 9th place finish. April sees a return to form for the Wuju Bladesmen as he destroys the competition and takes the coveted first place finish with a respectable 20,000 game lead over the deadly Chain Warden snapping at his heels.

Jinx began the year strong, dominating the January lists before Lee Sin made a triumphant return in February and March. April saw an entirely different group of Champions contending for the top spot but will next month see a return to form for Lee Sin or is this a sign of things to come?

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