League Of Legends – Top Played Champions August 2013

The end of August is quickly approaching and with it, another top played League of Legends Champions article from MMOAttack. August marks one of the lesser exciting months of the year this far, failing to provide any debut’s or serious shifts in placement. However, the return of the incredibly annoying and unforgiving, Teemo ensures that trolling is still a highly enjoyable League past time. That Yordle just won’t go away.

10 Nidalee                                

I promise to refrain from any jokes regarding bush (I will this time, I swear). Nidalee continues to be one of the most loved Champions in League of Legends following her regular appearances since her debut in February. Despite her consistent influence on our top 10 most played League of Legends Champions lists, Nidalee still fails to hit the big time.

Making a regular appearance since her debut Nidalee has never reached higher than last months spot, taking 6th place behind the formidable Vayne. August sees yet another frustrating drop as Nidalee struggles to secure her place in the top 10.

9 Lux                                            

Lux continues to make an impression on our regular lists but recent months did not bode well for The Lady of Luminosity. Lux started the year as one of the most popular competitors for the top 3 spots but has since seen a constant decline in popularity.

June saw her drop to her lowest point of the year until a further drop last month as she struggled to maintain 9th place. Another month has passed by and although Lux makes another entry into our top played League of Legends Champions list, she fails to improve her placement from last month.

8 Lee Sin                                      

Lee Sin was on par to be one of the most regular features in our monthly lists, until his sudden demise in June. Despite that minor setback Lee Sin makes another appearance in August claiming the 8th spot.

He’s failed to impress the League community this month as he was unable to better his placement from last month where he secured another lowly finish.

7 Blitzcrank                        

Making his second ever appearance in the top played League of Legends Champions is Blitzcrank, the Steam Golem. Blitzcrank first made an impact with his debut placement of 8th place in June before dropping off the radar completely last month.

Despite that random drop Blitzcrank joins August’s list in his highest ever finish. A sign of things to come or just a fluke increase in popularity? You’ll have to return next month to find out

6 Ashe                                        

It appears as though Ashe’s impressive number 1 debut entry in May’s top played League of Legends Champions list was the best The Frost Archer can hope for. She struggled to remain in the top 5 in July before getting a seemingly flukey boost as the 3rd Champion last month.

August sees the accessible AD Carry Champion drop further down the rankings to a dodgy 6th place. The introduction of new Champions and the constantly changing mechanics of the more popular choices could mean Ashe drops off the radar altogether next month.

5 Caitlyn                                      

Caitlyn would be another Champion contending for the most appearances of the year so far if it wasn’t for her disappearance last month. Despite her regular appearances in League battles across the globe The Sheriff of Piltover has only managed to secure the top spot once before dropping to her lowest finish of the year, taking the 6th spot in July.

August sees a small but noteworthy increase in popularity as Caitlyn secures her first top 5 finish in a long while. If I had to predict the most appearances from a single Champion, Caitlyn would be among my top choices. Easily accessible, deadly in the right hands and a buxom bust to boot.

4 Teemo                                     

Teemo…How I hate thee. The most annoying Yordle in the entire League continues to make an impression on our monthly lists. He made his debut appearance in 3rd place during May before edging upwards to claim the 2nd spot in June.

Teemo failed to defend his claim to the top slot following last months impressive climb over Ezreal and his 4th appearance in our top played League of Legends Champions list sees Teemo at his lowest ranking for the year so far. I can’t say I’m overly bothered that the LoL community have opted to play other Champions, quite the opposite. I’m delighted to see this annoying pest slowly disappear in my rear view mirror.

3 Ezreal                                        

Several times the proud holder of the top played League of Legends Champion this year, Ezreal continues to be in a state of flux. Taking the top spot by an impressive 80,000 matches in June, Ezreal has since struggled to remain in the favor of League of Legends players.

It seems July’s defeat to the increasingly popular Teemo has sent Ezreal on a bender, again failing to match his popularity from past months. Was his performances earlier in the year a matter of fluke or can we expect to see Ezreal rise back up the ranks in coming months? Still, 3rd place is respectable for any Champion, even one with such regular high finishes as Ezreal.

2 Vayne  

The Night Hunter makes only her 3rd appearance of the year although August sees her highest finish since her introduction in June. Last month saw Vayne drop slightly in popularity as she struggled to maintain a top 5 finish.

Last month saw the incredibly annoying Teemo knock Vayne down to a 3rd spot finish but August sees Vayne reclaim her pride as she creeps 2 spots ahead of the popular Yordle.

1 Master Yi                                

Labeled by the community as the “New Yi” Master Yi makes a return in truly kick ass form. Destroying the competition The Wuju Bladesman secures the top spot for August by over 250,000 matches, by far the biggest lead we’ve seen throughout this year. Recent buffs, recent nerfs, recent updates, Riot Games can do nothing to halt the destruction of this leading ADC Champion.

Once Master Yi joins the battlefield with Youmuu’s Ghostblade in his arsenal, you’re going to spend a lot of your time staring at a slightly darkened screen and a long countdown timer. Constantly the target of the developers Master Yi has become one of the most loved Champions in the League.

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