Chinese Era Arrives For SMITE players

As seen on Todays Daily XP Video!

Following last weeks exciting Gamescom reveal SMITE players can now enjoy the exciting new update in preparation for the Eastern launch. During the Gamescom event Hi-Rez Studios announced that the popular free MOBA game would be joining the ranks of the most popular Chinese titles thanks to the support from publishing giants, Tencent.

SMITE players had to endure a brief hiatus from updates last week as the developers prepared one of the most impressive updates in the games short history. The latest update introduced 3 Gods, the most Golden skins in a single update, additional voice packs, and more.

Sun Wukong makes a return with a completely new model, textures and additional ability affects. Guan Yu has also received the makeover treatment with a hugely impressive new model and revamped abilities. He now gets to ride a horse! How cool is that? Zhong Kui also makes a debut as an addition to the Chinese Pantheon. The Demon Queller boasts an exciting variety of exorcism-themed abilities, fully equipped to disrupt even the most organized of enemy teams.

For a full rundown of the patch notes you can visit the official website here. Or for a more exciting look at the latest update you can watch the God reveal video below:


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