League of Legends: Top Played Champions July 2014

It’s unlikely that July will be remembered for a time when Yasuo was among the most popular Champion’s while Ezreal struggled to make an appearance but instead a time when another Yordle was announced for the League of Legends community. Gnar has not had the opportunity to make an impression on this months rankings but if you think he won’t be fighting for top spot next month, you’ve stepped on one too many Teemo mushrooms. While on the subject of Teemo, where is the little fellow this month?

The Prodigal Explorer has been absent from many of this years rankings but July may be the start of a new beginning for Ezreal as the popular bot lane choice secures a 10th place finish for this month. Ezreal’s popularity peaked at a 38% selection rate in Summoner’s Rift for July but has since lowered to a more regular 14% appearance rate.

Despite his regular appearances throughout 2013 Ezreal has since seen himself left on the subs bench in 2014 as many League players adopt more versatile bot lane Champions or more traditional mid laners.

The Sinister Blade has been anything but sinister in 2014 as Katarina has failed to appear throughout the year before making a small impression in April. Subsequent months saw Katarina lose favor among the community again before achieving her highest finish of the year in July, taking a lowly 9th place.

However, unlike many of the other Champion’s in today’s rankings Katarina’s July finish wasn’t the result of a sudden surge in popularity as she managed to make an appearance in 19% of all matches this month. Will those regular appearances continue throughout August? Check back next month.

Rengar’s debut appearance on our top played League of Legends Champion’s list sees The Pridestalker launch into 8th place. The beginning of July was rather slow for Rengar as he failed to make any serious impression on the League of Legends community but mid-month saw a 30% increase in his popularity as he appeared in almost 50% of all matches. He has since seen a decline to his previous selection rate of 14% but the brief surge was enough to see him make an impact on this months rankings.

Thresh has had one of the most sporadic adventures in our top 10 lists in 2014. He has ranked at both ends of the spectrum seeing both a 10th and 2nd place finish in 2014 so far. However July has seen a huge surge in Thresh’s popularity as he enjoys 171% above average appearances when compared to other Champions this month.

The Chain Warden has appeared in 19% of matches on Summoner’s Rift and enjoyed a regular win rate of just above 48%. Will Thresh make another appearance next month or disappear into the abyss of unwanted Champions?

Jinx wasted no time in making her mark on the players of League of Legends as she secured the highest ever debut in popularity for a newly released Champion. Sadly however since then Jinx has seen her most loyal Summoner’s opt to choose another as they enter the fray.

The Loose Cannon has been able to enjoy an above average win rate throughout July with an average of 52%. Backed by a 20% appearance rate in all Summoner’s Rift matches, it’s not quite a return to her brightest days but it’s a good start for Jinx.

Vayne has had quite the opposite experience for July. Instead of a sudden surge of popularity towards the end of the month, Vayne’s appearance in our top 10 Champion’s for July is thanks to a very brief but large surge in usage during the first week of the month. Peaking at a 38% appearance rate on July 8th, The Night Hunter’s win rate has been far more regular – enjoying a 48% success rate throughout the month.

Although The Steam Golem has managed to take the 4th spot for July’s most popular League of Legends Champion’s, this month wasn’t an easy journey for Blitzcrank. For the majority of the month Blitzcrank failed to make any serious impression on the League community but a huge surge in popularity the last week has helped Blitzcrank break into the top 5 for the first time in several months.

Peaking at 48% selection rate towards the end of the month, The Steam Golem enjoyed an above average win rate, taking Summoner’s to victory in 52% of all matches.

Caitlyn’s ability on the battlefield and easy accessibility made her a regular contender in 2013 but with new Champion’s arriving on a regular basis, Caitlyn’s synergy with the newer League of Legend’s players continues to spiral.

Taking the 3rd spot for July sees The Sheriff of Piltover take one of her highest finishes for the year thus far. Sadly however this is more likely due to a brief and random popularity increase in July, making it unlikely for Caitlyn to better her performance in coming months.

The Blind Monk is arguably one of the most popular Champion’s with a number of highly talented League of Legends players and that popularity appears to have rubbed off on the general populace as Lee Sin secures another impressive finish in July, securing 2nd place.

He’s secured more first place finishes than any other Champion since our records began and although he was beaten to the mark this month, only a fool would doubt a serious battle for 1st place in August.

Yasuo had a poor beginning to 2014 as he failed to make any real impression on the League community throughout the start of the year. However, the mid-point of 2014 appears to have marked a fresh start for The Unforgiven as June saw Yasuo secure a 2nd place finish before storming into the top spot in July.

Quite a stir on the most popular League of Legends list when compared to last months rankings. A debut from Rengar, the continued drop in popularity of the once famous Jinx and the potential emergence of a new king with Yasuo taking the top spot – will the excitement continue in August?

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