League Of Legends – Top Played Champions May 2013

It’s that time of the month again Attackers! This doesn’t mean you have to lock up your girlfriend for the next week, oh no. It’s the top played League of Legends Champions for May 2013. This months sees one of the most turbulent switch ups of the year so far with several Champions making their debut while other popular choices disappear out of sight.

10 Lissandra                              

The very recent release of Lissandra the Ice Witch was met with praise by a large portion of the player base as they basked in the possibilities of another mid-lane Champion. So much so that a huge amount of League players jumped straight in; helping to accumulate over 215,000 matches with this new Champion in her first month of release. With 15,000 more losses than wins many took the boards of various fan sites calling for buffs, and their prayers were answered; well almost.

The current state of Lissandra on the testing server is in flux. They have literally buffed all of her abilities, nerfed them, buffed them again and then restored them to normal with just a few tweaks. Lissandra herself is unpredictable and deadly in mid-lane but sadly it appears Riot Games cannot keep her under control. Positive or negative, expect some big changes coming to Lissandra soon.

9 Varus                                        

To the surprise of many the Arrow of Retribution finally makes his debut into the top played League of Legend Champions but why did it take 5 months for Varus to make an appearance? This month actually marked the anniversary of Varus’ release but despite having over a year to practice, many players are still not quite sure how to handle this demonic archer.

Varus has the ability to slow enemy Champions, reduce their healing, root them in place and dish out impressive AoE damage but even with that arsenal, he’s quite often put on the back burner for more popular Champions in his role. Does the introduction into the top 10 suggest an increase in popularity among the player base or is this just a pure fluke? Only time will tell.

8 Darius                                      

Another Champion making a debut in their release anniversary month is Darius, the Hand of Noxus. Unlike Varus, players have not failed to grasp the potential of Darius and his insane ability to totally destroy anything that stands in his path. He has an incredible early-game poke with the combination of Decimate and his passive bleed ability, but these aren’t the only tools in his arsenal.

Noxian Guillotine, an ability that drives fear into the hearts of those that hear it (while they survive anyway) is his ultimate ability and ultimate it is. The ability sees Darius launch towards his opponent before dealing a tremendous amount of true damage. If he manages to kill the target, which is pretty damn certain, he can continue to recast the spell within the next 12 seconds. Group up a few low HP enemies and Darius can clear house quicker than a Frat Party without Jello Shots.

7 Nidalee                            

Nidalee was introduced into the February top played League of Legends Champions and has since been bouncing around the lowers ranks. This months sees the bush stalking Bestial Huntress taking her highest spot at rank 7. She’s been stalking the Jungle’s of League of Legends since her release in December 2009 but still continues to dominate despite the appearance of a high skill level.

Many League of Legends players prefer a simple approach and seeing a Champion with a transformation ability and separate attacks for each form can be daunting. But for those with the skill and attention to utilize her skills to their maximum potential, Nidalee is a complete beast. There are only 2 real reasons to avoid the bushes in the Jungle, Nidalee is one of them.

6 Lux                                          

Arguably one of the most vicious opponents in the mid-lane is Lux, the Lady of Luminosity. She crawled her way into 9th place in February before slowly rising, claiming the 3rd spot for consecutive months in March and April. She may have dropped down 3 spots this month but that doesn’t reduce her unrivaled potential in the mid-lane. Lux brings an exciting variety of abilities to the League and you’ll quite often find her fed in whatever lane she’s occupying.

Her insane burst damage, CC potential and ultimate range ability create trouble for even the most experienced of League players, but add a few early-game kills to the mix and Lux becomes an unstoppable force of death. If she goes out of sight in lane and you hear her screaming “Demacia!”, you’re probably already dead. GG.

5 Ezreal                                      

One of the few Champions to appear in every month of the top played League of Legends Champions is Ezreal, the Prodigal Explorer. He dominated as the most played Champion of the year at the start of 2013 before being dethroned by the unlikely Taric. With Taric disappearing from this months top 10, Ezreal crawls his way back to stardom in a respectable 5th place.

Ezreal began the year as the most played Champion before slowly sliding down to 7th place last month. A respectable climb of 2 places meets the Prodigal Explorer for May, bridging the gap between him a Taric as the mid-year approaches. If you want to beat your head against a brick wall covered in titanium nails, head to your local MOBA site and debate the potential of the Blue Ezreal, it’s arguably the biggest waste of time in the universe.

4 Master Yi                                  

The ultimate tower destroyer is the nightmare of organized teams across the globe. You better be sure to lock your back door because Master Yi will let himself in, raid your fridge and leave a complete mess in his wake. The Wuju Bladesman strikes fear into the heart of every unprepared opponent and if you’re unlucky enough to encounter him in ARAM, be sure to avoid breaking any PC peripherals during the fight.

The addition of Master Yi to the top 10 sees him take one of the highest spots for a newcomer since the start of 2013. We don’t record those that just miss the cut but Master Yi has been on the heals of the 10th spot month after month, finally breaking his drought entering the top 5 for May.

3 Teemo                                        

The very thought of this tiny Yordle changes my hands to a fist and my keyboard to pieces. Whatever your gaming background there is one character in League of Legends that is sure to bring your inner nerd rage to the surface, Teemo the Swift Scout. He isn’t known for his explosive damage and he cannot launch a giant arrow of ice across the map, instead he just toddles along laying down mushrooms, and not even the good kind.

Whether you’re attempting an escape from an onslaught of enemy Champions or your chasing that fleeing enemy for that final strike, hitting one of Teemo’s mushrooms can ruin your day. This is before you even take into account his ability to stealth, poison and generally just destroy face. I hate you Teemo but congratulations on your first addition to the top 10 of this year and at number 3!

2 Caitlyn                                    

Last months defending Champion sees a slight fall to the 2nd spot for this months top played League of Legends Champions. Caitlyn has enjoyed a great year so far, never failing to enter the top 5 month after month. Although last month was the highlight of her 2013 career, there’s still plenty of life left in the Sheriff of Piltover.

Regularly one of the main targets of fan art and creations, Caitlyn is just as influential on the battlefield. Widely considered to be one of the friendliest ADC’s for new players she’s constantly fighting against a negative win/loss ratio at the end of each month but that doesn’t stop Caitlyn players ensuring her appearance time and time again.

1 Ashe                                        

For those of you that have an attempt at predicting the following months top played League of Legends Champion, did any of you expect Ashe? Matching the highest debut claiming the number 1 ranked spot for May, the Frost Archer has been a staple of the ADC role since her release way back in February of 2009. Ashe may be simple in terms of mechanics and abilities but you cannot deny her devastating potential in the right hands.

Plus, even if you totally suck it up all match there’s always the potential of sneaking that cross-map kill with the Enchanted Crystal Arrow. Oh you thought you were safe? KABAM. Watch the rage in chat ensue.

Some great debuts for this month and some expected reappearances as well. Do you think we’ll see a brand new number 1 next month or can Ashe hold out? Make your predictions below and if you’re right, you’ll be mentioned in next months article.[play-now-gold=http://traktum.com/?a=63495&c=114486&s1]Play League of Legends[/play-now-gold]

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