Let Us Ask Your Questions At PAX Prime

Hey Guys, so MMO ATK is headed to PAX Prime next week and
we’ve got a bunch of really great interviews scheduled.  Now in the past I have just come up with my
own questions, and/or winged it, but this time I wanted to give you guys a
chance to get some questions answered that you actually want to hear.  I want to be your voice at this year’s PAX
Prime. We figure since you know and play the games, you’d have some excellent thoughts and opinions on what you’d like to have answered.  We will leave a list of scheduled interviews below, and you can send us your questions in the comments.  Just be sure to specify which game you are talking about!

[heading]Scheduled Interviews at PAX Prime[/heading]League of Legends
Infinite Crisis
EverQuest Next
EverQuest Next Landmark
Dragon’s Prophet
Guild Wars 2
Marvel Heroes
Guns of Icarus Online
The Elder Scrolls Online
World of Tanks
World of Warplanes
The Repopulation
Mists of Stagnation


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