Let’s Talk About Your Inventory – MMOpinion

Your inventory is a big part of your MMORPG playing strategy.  And it’s often overlooked.  Well, not so much overlooked, but it’s usually not on the forefront of many gamers minds.  If you have played a game for any period of time, there’s no doubt you have filled your inventory on a few occasions.  Whether you like to pick up every item you come across while grinding, or are more diligent about what you place in your bags, you have probably come across a point in time where you don’t have room for everything you need.  

Even the most thoughtful looters might come across times where they aren’t sure where they placed an item.  Is in their immediate inventory?  Maybe it’s sitting in one of your backpacks.  Perhaps its in the bank vault or guild hall.  No matter which way you decide to loot your items, keeping a clean inventory system might be all you need to keep everything in place.

So how do you organize your inventory?  Do you just throw everything in a backpack and hope to find it later?  Is everything color or slot coordinated? 

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