Will City Of Heroes Make A Return?

MMO games come and go, some more quickly than others. Some cause a stir while others disappear in the blink of an eye, but few depart with the emotional aftermath that followed the closing of City of Heroes. Fans flooded NCSoft with requests to cancel the closure whilst others created heart-warming videos documenting the friends they encountered on their journey but to no avail.

Despite the admirable persistence of the community, City of Heroes did indeed close its doors but a shimmer of hope remained. A few short months after the game ceased services a new development studio was formed, Missing Worlds Studios. At the time President Nate Downes and his team announced a spiritual successor to City of Heroes, City of Titans. A short while later and the game made its debut on Kickstarter, smashing it’s original funding goal and raising over $350,000 to support the project.

Things have been a little quiet recently until Downes made an unexpected announcement earlier today – giving City of Heroes fans a glimpse of hope that they may once again defend the sprawling metropolis of Atlas.

The announcement states that Missing Worlds Media have been in long discussions with NCSoft Business Manager, Jae Soo Yoon, with the hopes of obtaining all of the licensing rights to the original City of Heroes. The deal has not yet been finalized and may still fall through, however it would not impact the release of City of Titans. However, if successful Missing Worlds Media could provide players with more than just a few minor references. Full ownership of the licensing agreement would allow the team to use every asset, trademark and feature from City of Heroes, including the iconic remake of Atlas Park.

Ultimately, it is not the dozen folk here who have been in talks
with are important here, but all of you. Those who said what you wanted,
what you’d hoped for, who did not give up. We’re still not there, may
never make it there, but we are not even close to giving up. And
whatever happens, we can do it together.

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