Lili – A Mobile Game Powered By Unreal Engine 3

Are you the type of person who requires good visuals in their video games? Are you looking for a new and unique adventure RPG hybrid? If the answer is yes, definitely go and check out Lili for the iOS.

The main character Lili is from Geos, a mysterious island with a lush and vibrant environment that makes this one of the most visual attractive games on the iOS. The game comes packed with hilarity, containing silly characters and a number of puzzles to be solved. Most of these characters and puzzles are found in different homes throughout Geos with many containing peculiar treasures that accentuate the games fun nature.

Lili is an off-the-wall experience that strays from the normal battle aspect of most adventure RPGs. Take my advice though; the next sentence should in no way deter you from giving this game an opportunity. Avoiding recycled battle styles, players will control the plucky hero (no pun intended) Lili and instead collect flowers! Yes I know, it sounds ridiculous; and maybe to some extent that?s what makes the game so entertaining.

So how does Lili take down an authoritarian regime by picking flowers? Well, when you live in a town that hosts flower-covered spirits the ideal makes a bit more sense. Lili does in some way end up battling her enemies, tearing out their flowers until there is nothing left of them. The action of flower picking doesn?t seem quite as docile now does it? The game has a dark side to it showing characters who are clearly being crushed by oppression. Other than that the feel of the game stays pretty light hearted.

A big achievement with Lili is a surprisingly brilliant control system, something that usually tends to be clunky in most 3D adventure games. The adventure RPG boasts a wonderful storyline with an extremely clever dialogue. As you level up you can buy power-ups and build on Lili?s skill list. Customization may be more limited than the average RPG, but players are clearly playing the unique role in this game.

This game provides separate levels of difficulty for different ages. If you are looking for something easy, or actually enjoy end game annoyance, look no further. Spirits later in the game will extremely bothersome and create situations that force you to think quickly in an obviously frantic situation. There can be some grinding required to be prepared well enough for later problems, but some people like that. There is some worry over the fact that some Spirits can?t be fought, and are merely there to make later parts more difficult. Video games need some aspect of this that though. Sometimes the most memorable moment in a game is finally succeeding in an area that for so long eluded you.

Every game will have its ups and downs, this just happens to be one that succeeds enough to avoid being nitpicky. Lili is a charming title for the iOS that goes for $4.99. With a free roaming world, jaw dropping 3D visuals and probably the most entertainingly tame guerilla warfare ever created, Lili is a game that?s worth the cost.

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