Loadout Launching January 31st

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Edge of Reality recently announced the official launch date for the humorous free-to-play MMOTPS game, Loadout. The game has been available in a closed beta capacity via Steam’s Early Access program but January 31st will mark the first day that all players will be able to enjoy the hectic action on offer in Loadout.

?After spending the last two decades contributing to the development of
some amazing franchises, like Mass Effect, Tony Hawk?s Pro Skater, The
Sims, and Dragon Age, Loadout is our studio?s first original IP, and we
couldn?t be more excited to open it up to the masses,? said Rob Cohen,
CEO of Edge of Reality. ?We started this as a passion project, working
on it when we could, and trying to create something original and truly
player friendly. What we?ve got now is a game that?s a blast to play,
quick and easy to get into, and empowers players with insane amounts of

Loadout is the perfect combination of old school TPS mechanics with the incredible depth of customization associated with today’s top AAA titles. Players can expect an agile approach to character control with the ability to perform various feats such as Ramp Jumps and Power Rolls, all supported by over a billion possible combinations of character load-outs. Good luck trying to find a flavor of the month build among all that madness.

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