Localized Game Servers Revealed For Pre-Alpha Crowfall

ArtCraft Entertainment, independent developers of the highly anticipated MMO Crowfall, today announced their plans to launch localized web and game servers for European players during the pre-alpha testing. The first phase of the new server roll-out is expected to take place this week with the launch of the website and a game server in Germany, which will provide low latency experiences for players in the EU. Other territories are expected to roll-out soon with planned support for 7 languages.

Additionally ArtCraft Entertainment also announced that game industry executive Andreas Weidenhaupt has joined the companies advisory board alongside Raph Koster and Ed Fries. Weidenhaupt will also act as the companies European Consultant and will deal with all aspects of overseas communication and operations.

[quote cite=”Andreas Weidenhaupt”]
“When I first heard about Crowfall, I knew that I had to be involved. It is a great pleasure and an honor for me to work with the ACE team and to help them bring their first title to the European market. I am absolutely sure that the European gamers will be as enthusiastic as their North American counterparts are about Crowfall.” [/quote]

Source: Press Release

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