Aeria Games Confirm Long-Term Future For Western Echo Of Soul

The community team at Aeria Games today released a statement reassuring the Echo of Soul community after concerns were raised when the Chinese and Korean versions of the game closed last week. According to the details released last week the Korean and Chinese versions of the game were closing due to lack of content and interest, although information released by a member of the Aeria Games community team paints a very different picture.

PM_Bacon took to the official forums to reassure the community and soothe nerves, informing NA and EU players that the recent closures of the Korean and Chinese iterations of the game will have little to no impact on the European and American releases. The news comes directly from the CEO of Nvius, the team behind the bulk of the games developing cycles, as they reassure players that plenty of new content is in the works and expected to arrive with PvP Season 2.

[quote cite=”PM_Bacon, Aeria Games”]
Explaining why the Chinese version of Echo of Soul was closed is actually pretty easy: they had massive problems with hacking/botting, this annoyed players and the game was performing very badly because of that. They ran into those problems because the Chinese publisher opted to launch the game without an anti-hack solution which in hindsight was not a good decision. [/quote]

Source: Official Website

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