Luvinia – Releases Massive Expansion with Linger City

Luvinia Online, the incredible fantasy anime MMORPG from Outspark, has just released one of their largest content updates to date.  The update included a level cap raise from 89 to 95, dozens of new quests, new mobs, new bosses, brand new dungeons and items and all of this, is laid out on a vast new area to explore.  This update comes as the long-awaited chapter in the continuing story of Savejela.  Linger City, the stronghold of the Gnome Empire, is a new treetop province in the labyrinthine forest.  Throughout the zone there are many unicorns, winged serpents, enchanted trees and typhoon demons.

“The range of new content developer Shanda Games has delivered is just colossal. Players are going to enjoy magical adventures across idyllic lands, behold grand marvels, and meet some of the most quixotic and utopian characters ever encountered in the game. Linger City offers hours upon hours of thrilling entertainment through the holidays!” said Philip Yun, CEO of Outspark.

Among the launch came several new launch events that included a race to the top and a GM led hide-n-seek that introduced players to new and remote parts of the territory.  Details on the update can be found via the Luvinia website.

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