Magerealm Closed Beta Key Item Giveaway

[keys id=133173]

MMO Attack and and GTArcade have teamed up to offer our fans a chance to get a head start on the competition in the Magerealm, a fantasy browser ARPG, closed beta starting on 6/4/2015.

Please visit the Magerealm landing page for up to date information on when closed beta begins.

[heading]How to Redeem your Magerealm Closed Beta Item Key[/heading]
*Follow these steps once closed beta has started and you’re in the game*
Step 1: Click on the Hot Event on the top right corner.
Step 2: Click on “Gift Code” and go to the gift code page
Step 3: Please input the gift code you received into the blank
Step 4: Click on “Collect Rewards” to get the gift!

[heading]What’s in the Gift Pack[/heading]
*Diamond x999
*lvl.3 Gem Chest x5
*Hero EXP Chest x5
*Bag of Hero Badges x5

*Please be aware that the gift codes will expire on 6/17/2015*

[heading]Gameplay Trailer[/heading]

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