1 thought on “Vainglory Gameplay | First Impressions HD”

  1. Hearing the famously fast-talking Skylent say, “Moba” and “Mobile” so closely together in some sentences is hilarious to me! Both just sort of turn into, “mubba”. As in, “It is a light mubba because it’s on mubba devices” 😀

    Really reminds me, “MOBA” is a bad subgenre name – not to mention lazy. As an industry it should really be changed. Like when everyone just agreed we should shift from “Doom Clone” to “First Person Shooter”. Definitely need a better name/acronym for lane pushers. Not too late!

    Anyway, it does look good. Probably plays great too. Touchscreens are built for this kind of thing. They work for very few non-casual/basic/arcadey genres well, but along with turn based RPG’s and strategy games, I would definitely figure that this genre is one of the ones that benefits most from tactile feedback. Glad to see some real effort put into this one too. It’s clear some veteran talent comprises Vainglory’s development studio. Very nice looking

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