MechWarrior Online – "Camo Spec" Mega Update Now Has Launched

Infinite Game Publishing and Piranha Games have launched the mega-update, “Camo Spec” today for the Mech simulator, MechWarrior Online. The things that are included in the update are the ability to customize your Mech with various paints, patterns and cockpits items. The patch also lets players get “the heralded return of Bitching Betty, the official female cockpit voiceover from the original MechWarrior games”. 

?Camo Spec brings to life a very important part of the BattleTech universe,? said Bryan Ekman. ?With this new addition I?m excited to see a real evolution towards defining your own MechWarrior persona and bringing to life the richness of the past, present and future MechWarrior Online heroes.?

The paints and patterns that are available with the update are available in the Mech Lab. There is the “Dazzle” pattern scheme. There is also “Phraken” which is available for the recently released Cataphract Mech. There will be more patterns and designs coming out within the next few weeks as well. 

The content that the update brings as well allows fans to decorate their home away from home with items for their cockpit such as the Hula Girl, colourful faction banners and other fun items. Each cockpit can hold up to three pieces of d?cor which can be either hanging, standing or mounted. Also, the items can be purchased or earned depending on what you get. 

There is also a new environment setting, Frozen City at Night, is now live: “Tangle with your opponents as you dodge through the huge shadows, with very large shooting lanes as the fog has disappeared entirely. Frozen City at Night requires new strategies and tactics for your lances if you are going to maintain a stronghold in the area.”

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