Microsoft To Pay $2 Billion For Mojang?

If recent rumors are to be believed a giant offer could be on the table for the development studio behind the multi-award winning Minecraft. Rumors followed a post on the Wall Street Journal which instantly gave it a level of credit rarely obtained through posting on traditional gaming outlets. The rumor suggests that Microsoft have made an offer to purchase the indie development studio for a massive two BILLION dollars.

Although the success and popularity of Minecraft, which has sold more than 55 million copies since its 2011 release, is a great asset for any company to acquire, it’s the worth of the franchise as a whole that’s the real jewel of the deal. It’s a merchandise behemoth. Visit any household with growing kids and you’ll struggle to avoid tripping on the myriad of toys, Lego, clothing and the occasional lunchbox.

There hasn’t been any official comment from either Microsoft or Mojang but purchasing the rights behind one of the most successful games of this generation could be the edge that helps Microsoft’s struggling Xbox One sales finally start competing with the PlayStation 4.

What are your thoughts? Could you see Microsoft paying such a huge sum for Mojang?

Source: Venture Beat

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