Mists of Pandaria now live!

The newest expansion in the most popular MMO ever is now in beta testing. Mists of Pandaria the
most recent update for the all popular World of Warcraft is now in live beta. This beta focuses on the level
1-10 starting experience. The high level content and template characters will become in future beta updates.
For now if you?re a friend or family, press or beta tester you can try Mists of Pandaria before the rest of us!

There is no NDA for this test so there will likely be a plethora of you tube videos and game
reviews out in the near future focused around this update. Although the expansion is still in its infancy,
these tests are focused on getting player feedback to make this expansion as successful as possible. With
WoW on the decline, Blizzard hopes this expansion will keep some of their subscribers and maybe bring a
few old ones crawling back.

Be sure to check out more about Mist of Pandaria.

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