MMORPG SWTOR Get’s New Android Authenticator App

I don’t know about you, but I like to ensure my accounts are secure when I play games, specifically MMO’s.  One way to keep this in check is to use one of those authenticator codes, which most major MMO’s (including WoW and Final Fantasy XIV, to name a couple) support, with Blizzard using it for the entire BattleNet ID of a player across all games from WoW to Diablo III.

Star Wars The Old Republic is no different, having already released an authenticator with the collectors edition of the game, as well as an iOS app that you can keep on your iPhone to help log in anywhere.  Now, Android MMORPG gamers can get in on the action with the new Android version of the authenticator.  In addition, BioWare  is readying a test server to let the fresh MMO’s players get a taste of the new updates and other content before hitting the live servers.

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