More Shady Dealings In The World Of eSports

As seen on Todays Daily XP Video!

It took some time for eSports to be welcomed by the gaming masses but it’s not all gravy as the world of competitive gaming has taken another blow following claims of missing payments. Earlier this month Hyun, former Quantic pro gamer, shared his story regarding outstanding payments of over $23,000 and today sees a similar story with its origins in IEM singapore way back in November of 2012.

The Reddit post explains that two aL squads that were due over $8,500 after claiming 2nd place at the event are still yet to see any of the prize pool, including passport. He goes on to explain that an admin with the ESL claimed the payments had been sent to Tim “Wetdream” Buysse (aL CEO) but after 3 months attempting to contact the CEO, no further information was made available.

Eventually the individual made contact but instead of receiving his payment he was sent through hoop after hoop as Buysse requested unnamed forms and VAT information. It’s quite the read. For more information you can check out the link below:

Source: Reddit

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